We welcome Stewart Audio!

Hey Northern California, look what we have!

Stewart Audio is joining the Inglish Marketing Group family. Amplification and DSP within a compact format makes a great solution when space is at a premium. Add in Dante and you have power and flexibility that is unparalleled. To top it off, made in California, USA.

More information can be found at www.stewartaudio.com.

Not all cables are made equal!

and Cordial is at the Top!  We are very excited to announce that Cordial is available to those in the United States.  Probably the most well known cable company in Europe, we are honored to represent Cordial in partnership with MV Pro Audio for most of the greater part of the Northwest Region including Northern California and Nevada for the United States.

Whatever your purpose, the cable you use is most often overlooked and from our perspective it shouldn't be.  We would love the opportunity to show off how great Cordial cables are!

More information can be found at www.cordialcableusa.com or www.cordialcables.com #cordial #wearecable

Are you ready for this? It's about the diaphragm and Ehrlund is it!

Next generation microphone technology.  Made in Sweden.

The new innovative ground breaking Ehrlund Microphone with triangular membrane and phase linear electronic will capture what you hear.  Sound engineers around the globe are amazed by the difference.

A new microphone standard is here to stay.  We are excited to bring Ehrlund to the family and offer it to our dealers on the West Coast.

More information can be found at www.erlund.se 

When it Rane's...

As a part of the inMusic Brands dynamic family of professional music/audio companies.  Since 1981 musicians, DJs, contractors and integrators have chosen Rane as an established innovator in problem-solving pro audio tools, affordably priced with unequalled reliability and customer service.  Rane’s primary marketplaces are DJ (performance, club, mobile & recording) and Commercial (room-combining, paging and associated systems) featuring innovative analog and digital audio products for each category.  Rane’s products are designed exclusively in the United States and distributed to specialized markets worldwide. 

We are excited about helping our dealers find solutions for their clients that provide quality and value with the reputation of excellence in Rane products.

More information is available at www.rane.com 



MARQ Lighting comes to Inglish Marketing Group!

We are extremely excited to welcome MARQ Lighting to Inglish Marketing Group.  As a part of inMusic Brands, MARQ Lighting offers a full range of products that offer state-of-the-art LED Lighting and accessories for any professional entertainment or commercial setting. 

We will offer MARQ Lighting in the Northern California, Northern Nevada, and Hawaii territory.  Dealers can look forward to quality lighting products, with a rich feature set at a value that can offer great results.  Demos are available and we look forward to showing them off as well as the new products on the horizon too.

Feel free to contact us at the office for more details, and of course more information can be found by visiting www.marqlighting.com.

dBTechnologies and Inglish Marketing Group!

Based in Italy, dBTechnologies products have gained substantial recognition for some groundbreaking technological innovations, as well as their inherent standards of quality.

In particular, dBTechnologies has been one of the industry’s trailblazer in active speaker & digital amplifier technologies, while giving a major emphasis to details and design.  A constant research on new materials and technologies, together with the ability to create unique design solutions, are the key ingredients for an ever-increasing market share and success.

We are excited to cover the Northern California / Northern Nevada territory for dBTechnologies!  We look forward to providing dealers and their clients a premium product that provides great value with great quality.  Feel free to contact us at the office for more details, and of course more information can be found at www.dbtechnologies.com.


Please Welcome Modal Electronics!

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Modal Electronics brings high quality instruments for the musician.  Modal Electronics is an electronic musical instrument company that design and manufacture innovative "Machines for Musicians".

For the territory that covers the western portion of the United States, we look forward to the products that Modal Electronics will bring to market for artists and musicians to use.  Coming soon... Great music for all of us to enjoy!  For more information, check out www.modalelectronics.com.

#modalelectronics  #machinesformusicians

Welcome EVE Audio!

EVE Audio is located in Berlin, Germany. It was founded and is owned by Roland Stenz, a long time enthusiast for quality audio and with a long background history in the audio industry.  With great attention to detail, every model features high quality DSP and components specifically chosen by the engineers at EVE Audio.

EVE Audio is distributed in the United States by Momentum Audio Sales, located in Ventura, CA.  For our West Coast dealers, please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or if you would like to hear a demo.  More information can be found at www.eve-audio.com.  #eveaudio

We are excited to announce the arrival of Denon Professional & Marantz Professional

Exciting news as we welcome Denon Professional and Marantz Professional to the Inglish Marketing Group family.  Known around the world, and easily recognizable, Denon & Marantz Pro offer products that provide professional grade playback of audio and video sources, as well as make exceptional field-audio capture and recordings.  For our Northern California and Northern Nevada territory, we look forward to providing products that will capture and communicate the creativity from wherever inspiration strikes.

#denonpro #marantzpro

Welcome Perdue Acoustics and Acoustics in a Box!

It is with great excitement that we are able to announce that Inglish Marketing Group is now representing Perdue Acoustics and Acoustics in a Box.  A leader in acoustics in design and development, Jay Perdue has brought revolutionary designs and solutions with multiple patents to our industry.

Perdue Acoustics has specialized in controlling sound, eliminating echoes, and loud uncontrolled noises in churches, schools, athletic facilities, and other commercial buildings all over the world for over twenty years. The wall and ceiling acoustical treatments are the highest rated in the industry in all five areas of acoustical treatment ratings (absorption, durability, aesthetics, fire protection, and value). Perdue Acoustics’ patented Rockwool core products can be wrapped in fabric or vinyl to meet the aesthetic needs of any facility.

We are excited about this new extension of our family and look forward to helping our dealers and their clients create wonderful spaces with the articulation and clarity that comes from products offered by Perdue Acoustics and Acoustics in a Box.

If you have any questions or projects you would like help with, please call us at the office and we would be more than happy to answer them.

More information can be found at www.perdueacoustics.com and www.acousticsinabox.com 

#perdueacoustics  #acousticsinabox